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Are you looking for ways to improve your bottom line in a tough economy??? Then STOP BRAZING your DX refrigerant pipe! 



Reflok® is a simple, weldless fitting system used to reduce installation time by eliminating the brazing process of joining refrigerant piping. 



The Reflok® connection method brings the simplicity and flexibility of mechanical compression fittings used for water piping into the refrigeration piping world. Piping from 1/4" up to 2-1/8" can now be joined in literally seconds using Reflok® compression fittings.

Why Reflok®?

Improve your business:

• 50% LESS labor hours with fast, time saving connectors
• NO leaks
• NO call backs
• NO acetylene toxic fumes!
• Pass the leak test in one try
• Insulate the piping as you go because you don't have to wait for a leak test
• Keep the pipe work clean WITHOUT the need for a nitrogen purge during the brazing process




No Brazing=No Heat:

• NO hot works permit required
• NO fire alarm stand down
• NO smoldering time or statutory downtime
• NO fire extinguishers
• NO nitrogen purging
• Ideal for spark-proof environments


Although Reflok® fittings are engineered for compatibility with standard ACR copper piping, since brazing is eliminated contractors now have the option to use Reflok® components with both copper and aluminum piping. DXS is now stocking Reflok® aluminum refrigerant tubing in our Texas offices for a fraction of the cost of copper tubing.
• Aluminum systems are 20-30% less cost than copper pipe systems
• Ability to use copper and aluminum on the same job
• Installs just like "hard pipe" with the added benefit of being machine bendable
• 33% lighter weight (fewer hangers)
• Field bendable pipe means LESS WASTE compared to ACR copper pipe


Copper to Aluminum Connection


Eliminate Contamination:

Did you know you could be contaminating your system while brazing? Typically, brazing requires the use of extreme heat to melt joining material. The heat and burning acetylene reacts with the oxygen in the air to leave deposits of black "soot" on both the inside and outside of the piping. Best practices require the use of a nitrogen purge to bleed nitrogen gas into the piping system to push the oxygen from the piping to prevent oxidation on the inside of the pipe. Since contamination of the oil and refrigerant is the most common cause of compressor failure, the nitrogen purge is likely one of the most important steps in the clean installation of a refrigerant pipe system. Unfortunately, skipping the nitrogen purge is the most common short cut found in most installations.

Since Reflok® fittings don't require any flame, there is no need to run a nitrogen purge. This saves time, money, and


Contamination from Brazing

Reflok® in Action:

Reflok DVD from MicroGraphix on Vimeo.

 Interested in a demonstration in your office? Contact us today!

Testing & Quality:



Reflok - Burst Test Video from MicroGraphix on Vimeo.






Manufacturing & Testing Reflok VRV air conditioning pipeline components

Reflok vs Brazing Demo

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Contact Us:

We have pipe in stock and our experienced product experts are ready to help you discover how Reflok® connections and aluminum refrigerant piping can help your business. Engineers and Building owners that are interested in protecting their installations against contamination, can also contact DXS for assistance in specifying Reflok® components.


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Not in Texas? Give us a call and we'll help you find a REFLOK® distributor.




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